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a man with his mouth open and the caption haha but did you die?
15 Vacation Memes to Get You Thinking About Summer and Good Times
the vacay mode loading sticker is shown in black on a white background
Vacay Mode Funny Vacation Gift Wall And Art Print | Vacay-mode
a woman standing in front of a large object with the caption first day back to work? you may need this coffee
21 Funny Back to Work Memes Make That First Day Back Less Dreadful
a man wearing a suit and tie with words written on the side of his face
a woman sitting on top of a bed in front of a lamp with the caption i'm not even cool on the internet
Welcome to the end of your vacation.
a woman sitting in a lawn chair next to a man who is reading a book
You know that feeling you get after vacation when you are just so happy to get back to reality?! No me neither!!
an office space with a man wearing suspenders and a tie that says yeah, we are going to be short staff forever so if you could just work yourself to death that't
30 Chef Memes That Describe What Working In A Kitchen Is Really Like