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Martha Stewart Crafts Holiday Lodge Tissue Paper Flower Kit It& a pom-pom party with Martha Stewart Crafts Flower Pom-Poms!

Mis puntadas preferidas: Flores gigantes de papel

Such a good idea to use thread to scrunch the tissue paper up! If you have leftover tissue paper, feel free to make this beautiful flower!


Pretty DIY tissue mini pom pom or tissue paper flower gift toppers are easy to make with my full FREE tutorial! Wonderful for baby showers and wedding decor

Utiliza pompones de papel de seda (papel de china o papel tissue) para decorar distintos aspectos de tu fiesta y que está sea más llamativa...

Tissue Paper Flower Runner: Use around 8 sheets of tissue paper for each flower and punched all 8 layers at once. Staple together your stack of flowers inch size). Scrunch up your first flower layer to the center. Repeat with each layer and then fluf

buenas buenassss!!! miren lo que encontre.... POMPONES DE PAPEL, Y SUPER FACILES DE HACER!!! no ha ce falta mucho instructivo... miren las fotos... superponen 4 hojas de papel, puede ser papel de seda o papel crepe.. las doblan en 4 partes... bueno

Tissue paper flowers--less likely to rip when you're separating the petals if done this way.