Guell Crypt. 1908-1914. Chapel in the Colonia Guell in Santa Coloma de Cervello (Catalonia, Spain). Antoni Gaudi.

Chapel in the Colonia Guell in Santa Coloma de Cervello (Catalonia, Spain).

small house

Adorable stone cottage~~~It is the color of the blue/green stones here that interested me, plus the small size of the we crave living in this type of home because we imagined living inside the 3 bear's house?

Casa Calvet. 1904. Barcelona, Spain. Antoni Gaudi.

Calvet Bench Antonio Gaudi designed this bench for the Cavet House in Barcelona *reproduction

Gaudí - Barcelona - Parque Güell 1 / Paranoarte Rede Solidária de Artesanato e Cultura Popular picture on VisualizeUs

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Antoni Gaudi

Barcelona Sunrise - Guell Park - Gaudi Tower Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Ana Maria Edulescu

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Gaudi, the genius of the Catalan architecture, Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain / Beautiful mosaics and tiles!

трубы пхв с мозаикой

Glass on PVC pipe by Peace by Peace Mosaics. She said: Nothing would grow in this corner so I planted some mosaic pillars! Combine with succulent pipe idea