Decomposing Numbers

This board has lots of ideas for decomposing numbers in Kindergarten and First Grade!
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a button with the words teaching even and odd numbers written on it next to a rock
Teaching Even and Odd Numbers
Helping kids grasp odd and even numbers? It's surprisingly tricky for some! Here are five simple and effective methods to teach this concept effortlessly.
a wooden table topped with two pieces of paper and twine wrapped in blue string
Math Machine!
I call this my "Math Machine!" In the past, I've used it to teach decomposing numbers. So if there are only four "beads" on the rope, we would move them around and find all of the different ways to make four, such as 3 + 1, which is what is shown in the photo now. Check the link to learn more.
Decomposing Numbers Activity with "Skeleton Bones" (Q-Tips!)
Decomposing Numbers Activity with "Skeleton Bones" (Q-Tips!)
Decomposing Numbers Activity with "Skeleton Bones" (Q-Tips!)
Decomposing Numbers Activity with "Skeleton Bones" (Q-Tips!)
This is a decomposing numbers activity with "skeleton bones," which were really just Q-tips! First, we folded the paper into fifths, and then tried to find all of the different ways to make four, gluing them down into the five sections. Check out my blog for more info!
the addition flower puzzles are free for kids to play with and learn how to use them
Addition Flower Puzzles
FREE Addition Flower Puzzles to teach decomposing numbers.
this is an image of a number puzzle
Part Part Whole Practice
Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Part Part Whole Practice
clothespin addition on the floor with clothes pins and pegs next to each other
Clothespin Easy Math Activity with FREE Printable
Use clothespins with answers to practice addition. This can work for subtraction as well. #math #addition #kindergarten
a piece of paper that has been made to look like a halloween themed counting game
I like the simple format of this learning mat. I could use it with my number bond activities.
a collage of different activities for kids to do with the numbers 1 - 10
More Ideas for Decomposing Numbers (Freebies!)
More Ideas for Decomposing Numbers (with some great fall themed freebies, too!) From HeidiSongs! #kindergarten
four pumpkins with faces drawn on them are shown in front of a blackboard
How to Teach Decomposing Numbers 0-10 (and a Freebie!)
How to Teach Decomposing Numbers 0-10, from HeidiSongs (freebies!)
two gray desks with matching objects on them and a paper cut out to look like numbers
Decomposing Numbers in Kindergarten: Kids find all of the ways to make five with the bead bracelets and then record it on the sheet.
a bulletin board with numbers and times on it's side hanging from the wall
#Decomposing Numbers in Kindergarten- numbers less than ten anchor chart
four pictures of different types of headbands with numbers on them
Math Coach's Corner
Using Number Bracelets to Develop Number Sense: this is a GREAT post with an easy to follow lesson plan for teaching decomposing numbers.
a child playing with wooden numbers and dices
Preschool Math Games with Loose Parts - One Perfect Day