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Lots of great ideas for teaching arts and crafts for kids in mostly to Pre-K, Kindergarten, and first graders, but also some ideas for older kids, too! Visit…
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children's drawings with the words make plates for mother's day
Mother’s Day Plates for Mom
Your students will love this cute and fun craft for Mother’s Day!
there is a poster with pictures of toys and words that say humpty dumppy freebie
Humpty Dumpty FREEBIE!
Discover an exciting STEM project designed for your kindergarten, Pre-K, or first-grade class, revolving around the beloved nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty! Gather a few extra plastic eggs and prepare for a delightful session of Nursery Rhyme STEM Time!
Diy toy for kids amazing surprise baby lovely kids play handmade panda
two purple and pink vases with faces drawn on them in front of colored pencils
Sea Anemone
Hundreds of FREE Children’s arts and craft projects for ages three and up. Your little artist will have fun making this Sea Anemone art project.
the doors are covered in plastic and have pictures of breads on them with different colors
Self Portraits in Kinder!
These are our little "self portraits" from the first day of school, displayed in some vinyl, self adhesive sleeves! I LOVE these because it is SO easy to change the displays. Also, I think that these can be easily sanitized, so it's a double win! I have had them up for YEARS- and even moved many of them from one classroom to the other- and they STILL stick!⁠ I've linked them here!
an american flag made out of construction paper
Fourth of July Flags!
Looking for some creative fun for the Fourth of July? Give your kids some red, white, and blue paper along with some stars and stripes, and let them create their own flag! ⁠⠀ We used to do this with our book buddies. Just look at all of the samples!
a calendar with a party hat on top of it and some writing paper next to it
Calendar Pages
Happy New Year! Here is my little January calendar that we always make. I like having the kids fill in the numbers on the calendar because it seems like a more meaningful way to practice writing them, right?⁠ The calendar part is linked!
four pictures of police men cut out on paper with the letters a and b above them
TK Police Academy
It's the TK Police Academy! I absolutely LOVE all of the expressions and poses!