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Peter Parker One-Shots - Authors Note

Basically One shots of Peter and Spider-Man in any way. All character rights to Marvel

Avengers Preferences - 25.| They pick out your swim wear. F.

A book of Avengers Preferences. (And imagines lmao.) Including: Tony Stark Steve Rogers Thor Odinson Bruce Banner Loki Laufeyson Natasha Romanoff Clint Barton Bucky Barnes Pietro Maximoff Wanda Maximoff T'Challa Udaku Peter Parker Stephen Strange Peter Quill I will not be adding any more characters in the future. This book is under construction. Ranked number 1 in Preferences, and Loki on 9/14/2018! Ranked number 1 in Stark, and Quill on 11/30/2018! Ranked number 1 in Pietro on 1/5/2019…