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Are you ready to learn how to make time to exercise? You can learn to make time to workout for busy moms on a busy schedule. I know it can seem crazy unrealistic BUT I promise in this blog post I am teaching you everything you need to know about finding time to exercise and hitting your weight loss goals. Are you ready to lose weight with exercise? Group Fitness, Wellness Fitness, Wellness Tips, Fitness Tips, Health And Wellness, Lifestyle Group, Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Habbits, Set A Reminder

How To Make Time To Exercise || Doctor Aishah

Making time to exercise can be a nightmare at times, especially if you have a super busy schedule. This post gives you some of my personal tips that I use when I am struggling to fit in my workouts and want to make time to exercise.

These 20 minute Low Carb Spicy Shrimp Sushi Bowls are basically the definition of what healthy eating should be all about. Shrimp Sushi Bowl, Spicy Shrimp, Spicy Rice, Low Carb Sushi, Shrimp Marinade, Turkey Bowl, Photo Food, Cooking Recipes, Healthy Recipes

Low Carb Spicy Shrimp Sushi Bowls - It's Cheat Day Everyday

Low carb sushi bowls made with cauliflower rice and a homemade spicy shrimp marinade. Irresistibly guilt free and refreshing!

Can you trust your doctor with nutrition advice? Photo Food, Macros Diet, Flexible Dieting, Blog Writing, Health And Fitness Tips, Trust Yourself, Health Problems, Stay Fit, The Good Place

Why Your Doctor Might Not Be the Best Place to Get Diet Advice - Stay Fit Mom

I am a big picture person. I talk a lot about mindset and concepts that reinforce the big picture. I do this because, in my own mind, I’ve always needed to see the big picture BEFORE taking actionable steps. You will hear lots of health and wellness advocates, {including myself} use terms like “moderation,” “balance,” or “healthy,” but what do these concepts really mean practically in day to day life? I went on my insta-story to conduct some research of my own. I asked my followers to define…

Make your own gluten free dessert! These coconut butter cups are delicious! Best Gluten Free Recipes, Top Recipes, Clean Recipes, Paleo Recipes, Delicious Recipes, Fast Recipes, Tasty, Paleo Dessert, Healthy Desserts

Easy Coconut Almond Butter Cups {Paleo & Gluten Free} - Stay Fit Mom

I think I have a new obsession: ALL things coconut. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I haven’t had sugar in 41 days…You better believe on day 61 I will be eating one (or two) of these coconut almond butter cups! Last year for Valentine’s Day I made my hubby these almond butter cups because he loves them and I just needed an excuse to make some so I could eat them too. Now that I have this new coconut obsession I wanted to try out making some coconut almond butter cups…

This combination of sweet potatoes and salty bacon is to die for! Top Recipes, Clean Recipes, Potato Recipes, Veggie Recipes, Real Food Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Delicious Recipes, Fast Recipes, Healthy Drinks

Mashed Sweet Potatoes - Stay Fit Mom

There is something about this combination of the sweet potatoes and bacon that is irresistible. My husband saw this idea somewhere on Instagram a few years ago and I’m pretty sure I could live off of them. What’s not to love? Sweet potatoes? Yes please. Bacon? Always. This is a dish I often make for family dinners that everyone enjoys. Did I mention that there are only 2 ingredients in this dish!? No, I don’t lie. And this dish is so good, you will be licking your plate. Mashed Sweet…

These sweet Pumpkin Bars with tangy cream cheese frosting are just so delicious. Perfect treat made with simple pantry ingredients and REAL PUMPKIN.   It's guilt-free, made without refined sugars. -------- #pumpkin #pumpkinbars #fall #dessert #thanksgiving #healthy #healthydessert #easy #recipe #pumpkinspice

Pumpkin Bars 🍁🍂 Delicious treat perfect for Fall!

Light and flavorful, these Pumpkin Bars with tangy cream cheese frosting are beyond delicious. Healthy and REFINED SUGAR-FREE. Great for Holidays!

As working moms we have a lot of responsibilities. Found out how to use a bullet journal to keep all the various parts of your life organized in one simplified place. A bullet journal is simply a customized versatile planner to track, plan, schedule, and Photo Food, Working Mom Tips, Thing 1, Postpartum Recovery, Organize Your Life, Life Organization, Organizing, Work From Home Moms, Parenting Advice

Bullet Journal Basics for Working Moms

Working moms wear a lot of hats. I've found that using a bullet journal helps me organize all of the areas of my life in one organized place. Here are tips for starting a bullet journal.

Keto Calculator - Preciso, modo semplice per determinare le macro Easy Diet Plan, Diet Plan Menu, Keto Diet Plan, Diet Plans, Macros Dieta, Crossfit, Macro Meal Plan, Keto Calculator, Macro Calculator

Macro Counting 101 - Stay Fit Mom

So we’ve been buzzing all about the amazing world of counting macros and how it’s been so successful for us and so many of you, but some of you are still wondering what the heck counting macros is and how you do it. I want to explain the very basics of macronutrient counting to you today so you can decided if it’s something you think might work for you. These are affiliate links. If you purchase something from these links, we could earn a small commission. This would be at no additional…

Green Chef Meal Delivery Service Review. This post gives a review from the perspective of a busy working mom and describes how this service could help get food on the table for dinner on busy weeknights.

What You Need to Know About Green Chef

I decided to try the Green Chef meal delivery subscription service for a couple weeks. Here is my honest Green Chef review of our experience. Hint: mixed opinion.

This Iced Moon Milk recipe with blueberry and cardamom is truly REFRESHING, creamy, delicious and pa Healthy Eating Tips, Healthy Drinks, Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Food, Moon Milk Recipe, Ayurvedic Herbs, Ayurveda, Non Alcoholic Drinks, Beverages

Iced Blueberry Cardamom Moon Milk (Vegan)

7 reviews
5 minutes

This relaxing Blueberry Moon Milk is delicately spiced with cardamom and served over ice for a refreshing drink perfect for those warmer days and nights.

A few weeks ago one of our clients, Marianna, hosted a Super Bowl party. While we give our clients the autonomy to decide when taking non-tracking days is worth it and when it is not, Marianna decided that she was going to stick to her game plan and trac Getting More Energy, Photo Food, Macros Diet, Lose 40 Pounds, Eyes On The Prize, Circuit Training, Fat Loss Diet, Health And Fitness Tips, Food Scale

10 Reasons You Should Try the Macro Diet - Stay Fit Mom

A few weeks ago one of our clients, Marianna, hosted a Super Bowl party. While we give our clients the autonomy to decide when taking non-tracking days is worth it and when it is not, Marianna decided that she was going to stick to her game plan and track her macros at the party. She even brought out her food scale. The guests at her party were shocked and some seemed almost offended as she calculated which items to input into her macros. “What are you doing?” “How in the world does…

This keto blondie recipe takes decadence to the next level with chocolate shredded coconut and creamy almond butter to satisfy all your cravings! How can I drop 20 pounds fast? Keto Friendly Desserts, Low Carb Desserts, Low Carb Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Brownie Recipes, Paleo Recipes, Keto Diet Breakfast, Keto Cookies, Keto Snacks

Skillet Keto Blondies

18 reviews
30 minutes

This keto blondie recipe takes decadence to the next level with chocolate, shredded coconut, and creamy almond butter to satisfy all your cravings!

Travel Checklist for Foodies Eating Healthy, Healthy Eats, Healthy Recipes, Travel Checklist, Travel Essentials, Protein Shakes, Atlanta Travel, Food Website, Lifestyle Group

Travel Essentials | Food | Happily Hughes - the blog

Popular Atlanta travel blogger Happily Hughes shares her Travel Essentials checklist for foodies with you! Click here to check it out!

Looking for the best protein peanut butter oatmeal recipe? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing her favorite protein peanut butter recipe HERE!

Protein Peanut Butter Oatmeal and What I Eat in a Day | Happily Hughes

Looking for the best protein peanut butter oatmeal recipe? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing her favorite protein peanut butter recipe HERE!

whole30 energy bites - Whole30 Snacks: Delicious Easy Energy Bites featured by top Atlanta fitness blog Happily Hughes Protein Shakes, Protein Bars, Healthy Snacks, Healthy Recipes, Delicious Recipes, Healthy Eats, Healthy Life, Easy Desserts, Dessert Recipes

Easy Energy Bites | Fitness | Happily Hughes - the blog

Looking for some delicious Whole30 Snacks ideas? Top Atlanta fitness blog, Happily Hughes, shares her Easy Energy Bites Whole30 approved recipe. Click here now for the recipe and try them for yourself!

Why Chia Seeds are So Important for Health with Mamma Chia by popular Atlanta fitness blogger Happily Hughes

Chia Seeds Benefits | Mamma Chia | Happily Hughes

Popular Atlanta fitness blogger Happily Hughes teams up with Mamma Chia and explains why Chia Seeds are so important in your diet. Click here now to find out why!