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2009 Ryan Nightingale. Signature series “Gold Rush”. Guitar Database.

Ryan | Nightingale | 2009 | Signature Series “Gold Rush” We present and highly recommend viewing the pdf version of this article first as it contains the most up to date information and…

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Aulas de Música

Mundo de Músicas - O Mundo de Músicas é um novo blog musical que apresenta uma visão panorâmica sobre o fenómeno musical em todas as suas vertentes. Conheça agora!

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Uncommon black strats

This is a really cool look for a black Strat. I'm thinking of doing this to mine. That does look nice. But to me, you gotta have a maple fretboard...

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Fender Rosewood Shishkov MB - Friday Strat #290

Strat guitar blog about hi-end Custom Shop, boutique S-type guitar listings, mods and parts for DIY upgrades.


Ultimate Beginners Guide To Buying An Electric Guitar

Learn some simple aspects of how electric guitars are designed, think about your musical ambitions and make informed decisions with our comprehensive guide.

Learn How to Play Electric Guitars For Beginners

Our guide on electric guitar for beginners provides you with the tools to get the right equipment, find the perfect guitar, and start playing like a pro.