'Colouring-in' with embroidery thread.  Pick a design from an adult colouring book!

I’d like to be able to embroider-but more than that-Id like to have a garden like this to sit out in 💛 Elefante hindu bordado

Señorita Lylo embroidered collar

Señorita Lylo's Embroidered Collar to Add to Your Dream Wardrobe

I don't need to tell you that it's been a rough couple of days. so here's something that makes me happy: this embroidered collar by Señorita Lylo.

Dibujos para pintar Tb

week NEW MEDIA. i looooove mandalas! this embroidery is beautiful and the color choices compliment each other very well

khiyata maroc - Recherche Google

Great for embroidering a tea towel or giving a border to a pillowcase or the edge of a scarf for for a book mark

Denizci Bebek Lavanta Kesesi -  #bebekkesesi #bebekşekeri #lavantakesesi

Denizci Bebek Lavanta Kesesi - #bebekkesesi #bebekşekeri #lavantakesesi