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a piece of paper that has been dyed green Tela, Patchwork, Natural Fabrics, Rust Dye, Organic Dyes, Natural Dye Fabric, Botanical Dyeing, How To Dye Fabric, Plant Dyes
two pieces of art hanging on the wall next to each other with different colors and patterns Crafts, Diy, Ideas, Projects
Moving Forward
notjustnat creative blog: Moving Forward
several seashells are laying on top of each other Spinning, Silk Art, Rust
two pictures of different flowers on fabric
a bunch of doughnuts that have been covered in wax paper and are sitting on the ground Fabric Manipulation, Natural Forms, Steel Wool, Shibori Rust Dyeing
Inspiration: Rust dyeing by Sarah-Menai Strittmatter.
a piece of rusted metal with a sign on it that says 50 / 50 white vinegar and water Eco Dyeing, Dyeing Techniques, Printing On Fabric
a piece of art that is on the side of a building Art, Art Works, Art Alevel, New Art, Fiber, Fiber Art
a close up of a basket on a wooden table with some string wrapped around it Couture, Texture, Fabric Dyeing Techniques
Rust On Fabric
Terry Jarrard-Dimond Studio 24-7: Rust On Fabric
Tops, Fashion, Kimonos, Kebaya, Kimono Top, Women
a purple and yellow shirt with oranges on it's chest, hanging from the wall
a piece of art that is hanging on the wall Environmental Art, Nature
Spotlight: Lotta Helleberg, Fiber Artist
Fly me to the moon…
Buy Silky Leaves scarves on Etsy!
six square paintings with leaves on them Art Techniques, Art Projects, Nature Prints, Artist, Nature Inspiration
Being On The Lookout For The Presence Of Wonder - Discovering The Process Of Eco-printing
four pictures with different types of leaves on them, one is brown and the other is white
Eco print experiments
an advertisement for eco printing using an iron blanket in eco printing, step by step instruction Origami, Eco Dyeing Fabric, Fabric Printing, Fabric Dye
Eco Printing using an Iron Blanket
two pieces of art hanging on a wall Organic Artwork, Botanical Prints
paper – Gumnut Magic
the text 8 key tips for your first eco print is in front of an image of leaves Eco, Eco Printing Textiles
8 Key Tips for your First Eco Print.
Printing leaves onto fabric