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a yellow and white painting with circles on it
Morse Alphabet, No Spaces, Yellow
the cover art for moo's album, which features geometric shapes and colors
MOO’s Head of Brand Design on how to build a color palette for your brand
two posters with geometric shapes on them, one is orange and the other is blue
Free Vector | Graphic design cover in bauhaus style with curved lines
four books with different colors and shapes on them, all lined up in a row
Feminist Art Coaltion — Chelsey Dyer Studio
two posters for the year of the rat, with different colors and shapes on them
Jiaxing City branding
three vertical banners with different colors and shapes on them, each featuring an abstract design
Cause & Effect rebrands Glasgow International with bold and abstract illustrations
an abstract poster with different colors and shapes on it's sides, including the words paris
Studio Fables | Design graphique et numérique
an image of different font and numbers in the same color scheme for each type of text
rodeo production
an image of the different types of video games in color and black, with text below it
The Highlights of Dubai Design Week 2016 | Yatzer