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a bulletin board with some writing on it and polka dot border around the edges that says math talk
the google drive math and graphing worksheet is shown with several different images
Gavin Middleton
Create and insert Math Expressions and Graphs in Google DOCS, SHEETS and FORMS using a new free add-on for Google Drive called g(Math)
a notebook with some writing on it and an image of a crossword puzzle in the middle
Kangaroo Coordinate Picture | Math = Love
Math = Love: Graphing Ordered Pairs and Linear Functions Interactive Notebook Review
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, expression and exponents
Translating Algebra Graphic Organizer | Math = Love
Math = Love: Translating Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities Interactive
a chalkboard with the words what to do and what not to do on the first day of middle school
The First Day of Middle School
i LOVE the part at the bottom of having them decorate their composition book covers to demonstrate who they are!
Background tunes for quiet work times. Here are 16 of the best classroom Pandora stations as recommended by our teacher community. English, Play, Reading, Middle School, Songs, Classroom Playlist, Musica, Library
The 16 Best Classroom Pandora Stations, As Recommended by Teachers
Background tunes for quiet work times. Here are 16 of the best classroom Pandora stations as recommended by our teacher community.
the classroom management survival guide for middle school teachers, with colorful stripes in the background
New Middle School Teacher's Survival Guide, PART 3 - I'm Lovin' Lit
The idea of these posts seemed so simple to me at first, but I have put so much careful thought into them and, well, my OCD has kicked in and I’m overthinking everything! So I apologize for the wait, but I’ve FINALLY got Part 3 of my New Middle School Teacher’s Survival Guide ready. If …
a collage of photos with the words decorating and organizing ideas for the secondary classroom
Managing and Motivating Math Minds with Kacie Travis
Decorating and Organizing Ideas for the Secondary Classroom Visit Managing and Motivating Math Minds with Kacie Travis
how to write a syllabus with the text overlaying it in black and white
How to Write a Syllabus | Cult of Pedagogy
This model and template will help college, high school, and middle school teachers put together a syllabus that sets you and your students up for a great year.
three classroom rules and 4 consequences for the middle school classroom
Middle School Classroom Management Plan: My Classroom Rules and Consequences
Read about three great rules to have in a middle school classroom and how to effectively enforce those rules
the middle school classroom tour includes posters, desks and bulletin boards for students to use
Middle School Classroom Tour
Great ideas and inspiration in this middle school classroom reveal - from…
a book cover with an image of the text reading,'grade 3 reading policy '
Grading Policy for Secondary Teachers - It's Not Rocket Science
With back to school around the corner, it is so important in high school (and middle school) classrooms to have a fair, accurate, and simple grading system established. This post details my tried and tested classroom strategy for grading that is perfect for not only 1st year teachers, but ALL!
colorful pencils and rulers with the words tips for any middle school teacher on it
Middle School Archives
Tips and ideas for middle school teachers of any content! Great ideas for classroom management, classroom organization, building community, and other middle school ideas! | maneuveringthemiddle.com