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a purple and white flower in the middle of a green field with trees in the background
Anacamptis papilionacea subsp. grandiflora
a purple flower with blue stamen in the center and green leaves on the other side
Beautiful Black Orchid and Amazing.
yellow and purple flowers are in the foreground
Tri-colored Orchids.Pin it : Anónimo de la Piedra.
two purple flowers with green leaves in the background
Purple Orchid
a white flower with yellow stamens in the foreground and green foliage in the background
a pink and yellow flower in the middle of green leaves
Phalenopsis Schilleria, a rare Orchid in Singapore Cloud Forest Botanical Garden
a pink and white flower with green leaves in the background
Dendrobium Enobi Purple
Orchid: Dendrobium 'Enobi Purple'
a close up of a red and yellow flower
Oncostele Wildcat 'Rainbow'
Orchid: Oncostele Wildcat 'Rainbow'
yellow flowers are hanging from the ceiling and in front of a black background with three different pictures
Orchid: Dendrochilum filiforme - Each pendant floral-spike contains 50+ small, yellow flowers in two straight rows. The tiny flowers emit an odor similar to overripe fruit which makes them popular for pollination by small fruit-eating flies.
two purple flowers with yellow centers are in bloom
Violet orchids
Violet orchids
a purple flower with white stripes on it
red and white orchids in a vase on a table next to a wall mirror
Vuylstekeara Orchid (Cambria Orchid) Guide
Cambria Orchids - info and care tips
purple flowers are growing in a potted plant
two yellow and pink flowers with green leaves in the backgrounnd, close up
Yellow And Pink Cattleya Orchid
Yellow And Pink Cattleya Orchid