Independent Stores

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the front entrance to a store called perfumer h with wooden doors and windows
This London Perfume Shop Is Reimagining the Signature Scent
This London Perfume Shop Is Reimagining the Signature Scent
six bottles of haeckels are lined up on a shelf
Haeckels. Made of Margate
Haeckels. Made of Margate
a vase filled with lots of flowers on top of a wooden table next to sliced figs
Flowers by the Bunch
Flowers | That Flower Shop by Hattie Fox / Flower Shop London/ Wedding Flowers/ Flower Delivery
a black store front with chairs and tables outside
Rachel Vosper Belgravia
Rachel Vosper
an industrial store filled with lots of shelves and food on top of metal shelving
4COSE is a shop brought to you by artists Cullinan Richards and Andrea Sassi of dispari&dispari projects, Italy.
a sign that is on the wall in front of a door with words written below it
The Honest Shop at Coniston Institute via
the front window of a butcher's shop that sells meat
Butcher, Salisbury
two mannequins in the window of a clothing store
Store Guide: Blue Button Shop brings sophisticated Japanese clothing and accessories to Dundas West
Boutique in Toronto, specialising in Japanese clothing and accessories
there are many potted plants in front of the storefront window that says jamar flowers
The Studio, JamJar Flowers |
the shelves are filled with many different colored glassware
JamJar Flowers window |
a man standing on a ladder in front of a bookshelf
Donlon Books
Donlon Books specialises in art, photography and music books |
people are sitting at tables outside in front of a store on a cobblestone street
Cafe de L'Hotel de Ville
Cafe De L'Hotel De Ville, Switzerland |
an old store front with lots of books in it's glass window and the words achat de livres
The Little Corner
Achat de Livres |
an old store front with lots of windows
The Disappearing Face of New York, by James and Karla Murray |
a dog laying on the sidewalk in front of a book store with bookshelves
The Bike Basket Girl®
Pickwick Book Shop, Nyack-Piermont, NY. Photo by Jaime Martorano |