Almacén de Flores Tigre, #Argentina -------- Wow- este edificio esta muy lleno de color. Es muy interestante a poner murales en un restuarante. Me pregunta si la comida esta bien.

Resistencia, Argentina- loved walking around to all the little shops & eating at little places on the street.

Patagonia / El Chalten, Santa Cruz - Argentina

The Road to Fitzroy by Jimmy Mcintyre This is the road that leads to the small town in Patagonia called El Chalten. Behind it sits the monster that is Mount Fitzroy.

Argentina,La Boca,buenos aires

These residencies in Argentina originally built by immigrants, define and characterize the Boca neighborhood. What is everyday here, can be phenomenal to tourists.

Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is getting back in the groove

Long After Midnight at the Nino Bien is a fun peek into modern Buenos Aires culture as seen through the eyes of a newcomer.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Tango!

World’s First Sustainable Luxury Awards – A reason to Spring in Buenos Aires!

bailes tipicos de argentina -tango

Buenos Aires, Argentina Tango lessons anyone? They have so many tango halls. You could dance the night away every night.

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