Four Strand Braids

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Flat and Round Four Strand Braid Tutorial from Babes in Hairland

Flat 4 Strand Braid - Video - Babes In Hairland

Here's our how to on a flat 4 strand braid. Check out the video, along with a comparison of the round vs. flat 4 stranded braids.

Centipede Braid from Princess Hairstyles

Centipede Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Centipede braid tutorial. A beautiful 4-strand fishtail braid.

Four Strand Braid with a Twist from Babes in Hairland

4 Strand Braid with a Twist - Babes In Hairland

We've added a "twist" on a regular 4 strand flat braid. This pretty braid is sure to turn heads! We've even got a video showing you how it's done!

Four Strand French Braid Pinback from Cute Girls Hairstyles

4-Strand French Braid | Easy Hairstyles - Cute Girls Hairstyles

Rylan and I are here today to show you how to create a 4-Strand French Braid Pinback. This isn’t a…

The Braided Ledge from Princess Hairstyles

Cute Ponytail Hairstyle, The Braided Ledge

Cute ponytail hairstyle tutorial. The "braided ledge." A 4 strand braid and twist braid combo.

Single Frenchback into a 3-D Braid from Cute Girls Hairstyles

Single French back into Round Braid | Back-to-School Hairstyles - Cute Girls Hairstyles

Today we want to show you a beautiful new high ponytail that is now sitting in my Top-5 list of…

Diagonal Stacked Ribbon Braid Updo from Princess Hairstyles

Easter Hairstyles - Diagonal Stacked Ribbon Braid Updo

Glamorous braided updo with ribbon accents. Video Tutorial. Easter hairstyle or other special occasion.

Butterfly Hairstyle from Princess Hairstyles

Butterfly Hairstyle

Butterfly hairstyle. Braided butterfly hair tutorial for spring. Easter hairstyles.

Ribbon Braid in a Four Strand Braid from Babes in Hairland

Ribbon Braid in a 4 Strand Braid | 4th of July Hairstyle - Babes In Hairland

With the 4th of July this week, you'll not want to miss this fun patriotic braid! Come watch our video to see how it's done.

Twisted Four Strand Braid Pullback from Babes in Hairland

Twisted 4 Strand Braid Pullback - Babes In Hairland

This simple pulled back hairstyle looks extra pretty with 4 stranded braids being twisted together and topped off with cute little flowers.

Four Strand Waterfall Braid from Cute Girls Hairstyles

How to Create a 4-Strand Waterfall Braid - Cute Girls Hairstyles

Yes, we are taking a trip back in time to add a feature to a hairstyle that we made near…

Round Four Strand Ladder Braid from Babes in Hairland

Round 4 Strand Ladder Braid - Babes In Hairland

Ladder braids are such a unique way to dress up a ponytail. Make your ponytail even more amazing with our round or 3D 4 strand ladder braid. Come watch our video tutorial to see how it's done.

Four Strand Braid Boho Style from Babes in Hairland

4 Strand Braid Boho Style - Babes In Hairland

We've combined a couple different types of 4 strand braids to create this unique bohemian style. Watch our video to see how it's done!

Rolled Up Four Strand Braid Bun from Babes in Hairland

Rolled Up 4 Strand Braided Bun - Babes In Hairland

Using an technique from an old hairdo we did, we've made this pretty bun perfect for any occasion. This rolled up 4 stranded braid makes a perfect bun for any ballerina or a long day at the office.

Four Strand Braid with Mirco Braid from Babes in Hairland

4 Strand Braid with a Micro Braid - Babes In Hairland

We've shown how to do a flat 4 strand braid before, but this braid has a different order of doing things to get this gorgeous look. Come see how it's done.

Four Strand Braid from Princess Hairstyles

How To 4 Strand Braid Tutorial

How to 4 strand braid video tutorial. Pretty jewel in the middle braid.