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Reforestation and Rice Hull Stoves

Having recognized that the problems that affect threatened wildlife is loss of habitat due to deforestation, which is caused by illegal logging and kaingin (slash & burn agriculture), I decided…

Pocket Rocket Stove - Part 1

We start on a rocket stove that is built into an 50 cal. ammo can.

Tufa firepit for small gardens. Uniquely vented resulting in swirling flames.

TUFA TUFA Small firepit Tufa is suitable for small gardens. With unique venting resuting in swirling flames. The venting allows the wood to be burnt with efficiency. Simply tip and empty the ashes when cool. Made from 5mm steel this modern fire pit will last a lifetime. Hand made to order. Made in the UK.

Review: Is the Wood Mite Gravity Feed Rocket Stove the best choice for emergency use? |

Everyone, IMHO, ought to have a biomass stove in their survival/emergency gear. The Wood Mite Stove may be what you're looking for. by Leon Pantenburg Wood Mite supplied this stove for a review.

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Planning for disaster?! Or just a weekend out camping. Never be left out in the cold with this custom made rocket stove. Perfect for cooking, boiling water or making coffee. This stove produces a very concentrated heat, while not equipped with the air door like other models available from

Rocket Stove for camping hunting prepper scouts survival

Brand new Rocket Stove. A great stove for camping, hunting, preppers, survival, emergency and disaster preparedness, etc. Great to have in the event of loss of electricity. Boil water, cook food. Use small twigs, branches, kindling, etc. to cook with. When disassembled, the stove will easily fit in a plastic, 5 gallon bucket. Along with your stove, you can pack in a disposable lighter and/or matches, tinder/paper/wood, some canned soup, bottled water, stew, beans, rice, etc. put the lid on…

Rocket Stove *Removable top and Self Feeding* ChristiansburgWeld Rocket Stove / Camping Stove / Wood Stove / Emergency Stove /Survival

These stoves are amazing. You can cook and boil water on them with just sticks. This stove makes a really great gift to any outdoors person. They are also perfect to have on hand with the power goes out. The top X flat bars on this stove is 9" long for supporting large cookware. This listing is for 1 self rocket stove. Stove is made from 4" square tube. The legs and handle are made from flat bar. Click this link to see this stove in action (You may need…