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a baseball bat sitting on top of a blue case next to a brown bag and other items
vintage cricket bat Cricket - a really fun sport, not just for British people!
a young boy holding a baseball bat on top of a sandy field next to another man
An Unconventional Tactic for the Fight Against Poverty
Cricket Players, Afghanistan
the back yard cricket official rules poster
The rules of Backyard Cricket from the Commonwealth Bank -
an airplane is flying in the sky with many different types of clouds and colors on it
A bit dated infographic. Sachin sure does belong on this board!
black and white photograph of a man sitting in a chair
The Reverse Sweep
Ian #Botham. #cricket. #TheAshes #cigar #smoking
a large group of men standing next to each other on a sidewalk in front of a brick wall
Golden Years Ashes Special: Bradman, Benaud and Botham... As England and Australia meet at Lord's, Sportsmail raids the archives
Crowds queueing outside Lord's to see the continuation of the Wally Hammond/Les Ames fourth wicket partnership in the test match in 38
a group of people standing on top of a snow covered slope with skis and poles
Antarctic jubilee cricket match. The coolest Jubilee party took place in Antarctica where scientists threw a Mad Hatter’s tea party before playing a chilly game of cricket in -25C.
two boys playing baseball in the sand with their shoes on and one holding a bat
Ali Asgar Babuji: A bunch of kids somewhere in India get around a paucity of stumps quite ingeniously. Lack of equipment is never a constraint for a game of street cricket in the subcontinent.
two young boys playing with a large wooden bat on the sidewalk in front of a lamp post
I think he needs a bigger bat! Kids playing Cricket in the street in 1934.
an old black and white photo of people playing with tennis rackets in the street
Street cricket
two young boys playing with a wooden block in an open yard, while another boy watches from the other side
Web Search
This Messi is cricket-curious. By Kayoom Mistry
a group of young men playing a game of cricket on an open field at sunset
Cricket proves a hit for Afghanistan with new status
Afghan boys play cricket at sunset on the outskirts of Jalalabad
a group of men playing a game of cricket on a field in front of a large building
Beautiful words for the handsome game - cricket
Beautiful words for the handsome game - cricket The pace and rhythms of cricket inspire more good writing than any other sport. Other than words, there is pleasure for the eyes, peace for the heart and wonder in the mind! Cricket invites lyricism: a match at Charterhouse school in Surrey.
two young boys are holding their cricket equipment in the grass, posing for a photo
Youth cricket goes mainstream across the GTA
Youth cricket goes mainstream across the GTA A game locally associated with immigrant communities is rapidly gaining a broader variety of skilled players. Batsmen from the Lambton Kingsway Middle School cricket team, Kieran Brady, left, and Matthew Fuda strike a confident pose in a park near their school.