Sakurazaka 46 櫻坂46

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Riko Matsudaira 松平璃子

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Jumpers, Fashion, Sweatshirts, Yui, Twitter, Sweaters
Shit Happens
Peace, Peace Gesture
Lady, Crochet, Tops, Women, Beautiful, Crochet Top
a group of women in long dresses posing for a photo on a pink and black floor
three young women standing in front of a wall making the v sign with their hands
two young women posing for the camera with their fingers in the air and one holding her hand up
a woman with long hair standing in front of some bushes
Hikari, Neck Dress, High Neck, Endo, High Neck Dress, Turtle Neck
Women's Top, Long Sleeve, Long Sleeve Dress, Dresses With Sleeves
a woman is blowing bubbles in the air
Clothes, Jackets, Coat, Lab Coat
Duster Coat, Quick
a group of people wearing masks pose for a photo in front of an auditorium stage
a group of people posing in front of an auditorium
three people wearing masks posing for the camera in a room with other people standing around
Leather, Gloves, Leather Glove
a group of people wearing masks posing for the camera
Bucket Hat
three people wearing face masks in front of a mirror with one pointing at the camera
Crown, Crown Jewelry
Maxi, Maxi Dress
Ballet, Tulle Skirt, Ballet Skirt