So very true.

You know to true love when a cat chooses you over a perfectly good box.

Black Cat

Black Beauty I adore black cats! We have 4 :-) Spookie, Charlie, Zoe and Meeko

Kitten love ...

love the ribbon! wouldn't stay in my hair worth a damn, in reality this whole situation just wouldn't happen. Sneezing and a cat stuck in my hair.

Le dejo pelitos en la ropa...

Un poema felino para comenzar la semana- a Feline poem to begin the week.

DIY Cat Tent with a T-Shirt. My cats will love this!

DIY Cat Tent

Funny pictures about DIY kitty house. Oh, and cool pics about DIY kitty house. Also, DIY kitty house.

Cama para gatos y perros reciclando ropa

Cama para gatos y perros reciclando ropa


Mine was called Pearl at I became depressed for a long time after she was run over.until a girl I met in a plane, sent me her Gorgeous cat after we became friends.