Steampunk airship

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an old photo of several planes flying in the sky with a blimp above them
The Pandora and the Fortune Hunters in flight
two pictures of an airplane in the air and on land, with another plane flying over them
the Nikitin-Schyevchyenko IS-4 proposed “polymorphic” fighter - a biplane with a folding lower wing which retracted into the upper wing - circa 1940 (via)
an image of a diagram of a space ship that looks like it is in the future
an airplane flying over the ocean on a cloudy day
Cloud Express by kceg on DeviantArt
three different types of ships with flags on them
Zweefboten, Jean-Luc Sabourin
an old model airplane on display in a museum with wooden floors and large glass windows
Fokker 1916
Design by Aleksandar & Djordje Masnikovic
an old steam engine on display in a museum
a drawing of an airplane with parts attached to it's wings and wheels, including the engine
#edwardianengineering #schematics
a drawing of an airplane with various parts on it
#edwardianengineering #schematics