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lady cat

Flemish boy of 1625 in a dress with sewn in tucks to both layers of the skirt to allow for growth. The hair and hat are distinctively masculine, and he wears a sword or dagger (left) and red coral beads, which were used for teething.

Stunning vanity with black chunky mirror. I would paint the dresser part all one color though (a brighter Tiffany blue)

Searching for the perfect anniversary gift? This stunning swirling infinity ring will be a unique addition to her jewelry collection.

What you call insanity we call solidarity.

Maybe just do a matte dark gray or black comforter, with light matte gray walls, and burgundy curtains (or burgundy decorative length of cloth with current black curtains)?

GOREgeous!!! Sandy's house                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Lviv House of Scientists, Lviv, Ukraine - 1887 - Architects: Fellner & Helmer, Vienna - Baroque architecture, also known as the Viennese neo-Renaissance style- Incredibly beautiful.

Packing for a week in the mountains and having some serious anxiety about leaving the city for so long.

Cheap Home Decor - So beautiful and easy! these box storage things are everywhere and cheap. Good place for a collection to go