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Si necesitas una planta cubresuelos para tu jardín te interesa echar un vistazo a esta selección de 18 plantas cubresuelos con flor que traemos hoy. Son plantas que cubren muy bien el suelo ya al m…

18 plantas cubresuelos con flor

Dalmation Bellflower produces beautiful mounds of purple bell-shaped flowers from late spring through summer. Low-growing plant is perfect for adding color in front of other perennials. Grows only tall. Spreads Prefers full sun to partial shade.

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How To Building a Small Greenhouse--- sometimes this is necessary in Wyoming. Our cold nights and our late frost dates make covered raised beds very appealing.


Very clever! This way you can have fresh herbs year round! MASON JAR HERB GARDEN - Attractive & clever way to plant fresh herbs without them taking over your entire yard!

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Soda Bottle Drip Feeder for Plants - Water Plants with a Soda Bottle

Tomatoes take a lot of watering a One liter bottle putting holes randomly on the bottle allows The roots from the tip to the bottom of the root system to be well watered

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