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a hammock hanging between two trees in a grassy area with sun shining through the leaves
several baskets filled with different types of vegetables on top of a wooden table next to each other
an outdoor fire pit with lots of rocks and water in front of the lake at sunset
a woman standing next to a dog on a lush green field
Karolina Naji
two glasses of wine are sitting on the sand at the beach with rocks and cheese
- beach date
a picnic table with food on it next to the water
f o r e m m a, f o r e v e r a g o: Photo
the dog is sitting on the porch looking out at the grass and trees in the distance
several baskets filled with different types of vegetables
August Borders Autumn: A Homesteader's Diary — CALICO AND TWINE
August Borders Autumn | A Homesteader's Diary — CALICO AND TWINE
several different types of tomatoes in a wooden box on the ground next to some plants
2016 tomato growing guide - Lazy Sunday
people are browsing through the books on display at an outdoor book store in england
Hay on Wye
a person is reading a book on an airplane
Another Perfect Thanksgiving in Venice - Simply Taralynn | Food & Lifestyle Blog
a table with bread, olives and cheese on it in front of the water
Lina Paciello
A dream come true, endless summer nights on our first own boat. Can get used to this boatlife.
two plates of spaghetti and wine on a table outside
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Teacups and scones on a table by a window, the view is overlooking Edinburgh Castle up on the hill on a sunny day. Beautiful, Autumn Aesthetic, Trip, Bon Voyage, Voyage
Edinburgh, Scotland.
a watercolor painting of a house with potted plants and flowers on the steps
Stairway in Greece | Nhật ký nghệ thuật, Mỹ thuật, Kỹ thuật màu nước | Architecture drawing art, Watercolor art lessons, Building art
a woman standing on a ladder in front of a bookshelf
Photo by Sabina Sturzu on Unsplash
an assortment of cheeses and meats on a picnic table
𝒢. on Twitter
𝒢. on Twitter: "Sunday’s… "
Good Wine, Outdoor Lunch, Tallit, Slow Living, Picknick, Casa De Campo, Hygge
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a man standing in the middle of a garden
organic garden