Guido Stemphelet Pallero

Guido Stemphelet Pallero

Guido Stemphelet Pallero
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Walrooster by Osmatar on DeviantArt

The Walrooster (Marepsittacus occinerator) is the largest of the seaguins thanks to its mass, even though the sleek predatory Emperor Seaguin is technically speaking longer.

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Native to the velvet antelope is highly adapted to the rocky surface of the exoplanet. Lacking a proper mouth, it feeds on the zooplancton found on the numerous ponds that form on the plateau, filtering water

Spotted Strider | Maybe used by nomadic people of Pern?

A beast of burden type animal by Zhrayde

Spiked Floater by MichaelBeaudry on DeviantArt

For lack of a better name, I am currently calling this creature a 'Spiked Floater'. An avid hunter, it uses its barbed forward attack spike (left) to go.