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Let’s Recycle Sorting Game Printable from Lakeshore Learning

Let’s Recycle Sorting Game Printable from Lakeshore Learning Peters for the teachers at KDS since our recycling system is more difficult than grade 12 calculus

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Paper bag animal puppets.  I think you could build more creativity if you give the students more freedom (e.g., different animals, color options...).  Then, make sure you have a supply of animal Readers Theater scripts for your center.  You'll find LOTS of trustworthy Readers Theater scripts at

Paper Bag Animal Puppets All a young puppeteer needs for these simple playthings is a few paper bags, some scraps of colored paper, and a lazy afternoon. How to Make Paper Bag Animal Puppets

Behavior management.

Bravo Behavior- when the entire table has bravo behavior, the teacher will choose a student to shade in 1 square. 3 shaded squares equals a prize.or individual behavior chart?