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an image of a doll that is on the facebook page, and it looks like she has
a doll dressed up in a costume and hat with beads on it's legs
Doll , one of a kind dolls by Aidamaris Roman Forgotten Hearts
a doll sitting on top of a table with her hair blowing in the wind while wearing purple tights
a doll with curly hair sitting on the ground wearing red shoes and a blue dress
Dianne Adam Dolls
Couture, Mini Collectables, Tom Girl, Big Eyes Artist, Kaye Wiggs, Doll Home, Doll Maker
Kaye Wiggs 'Laycee'
a digital painting of a girl with red hair holding an umbrella and wearing a dress
a doll is dressed in an orange and brown dress with flowers on her head, standing next to a white wall
IMG_6777 | AiiS Roman
a doll with pink hair and green dress sitting on top of a wooden block in front of a white door