Newbie succulents getting planted for the last weekend of @renegadecraft.  This succulent is a haworthia type more commonly referred to as a "zebra plant." It's one of my faves.  The carving is also new.  Waves for the summer.

Carve - dip in cream glaze - wipe surface. This succulent is a haworthia more commonly referred to as a "zebra plant.

try handmade paper version as table runner

Kontur Vase White by Normann Copenhagen I like the lacy pattern they make below. Good for fabric manipulation idea

Brosse à dents titulaire Amazon en céramique vert par BTRceramics

Toothbrush Holder Ceramic Amazon Green

Hand Thrown Ceramic Toothbrush Holder Toothbrush holder was thrown on the wheel and then altered to accommodate up to 4 toothbrushes.

Pencil cup and glasses holder lips you're spectacular por LennyMud

Pencil cup and glasses holder, lips, you're spectacular, gift for teacher, geek…

pasta de piedra

PASTA PIEDRA: Para modelar y crear en frío, relojes, portarretratos, adornos…

Orange wolf by mirubrugmann on Etsy

Hand made - Painted with slips and finished with a cape of transparent glaze. SIZE: tall radius pd: If some piece arrives broken i send another back for free but i just ask for the shipping to be paid.

Art Deco firescale Espejo por Kim Eubank y Will Armstrong (Espejo Metal) | ingenioso Inicio

Art Deco Firescale Mirror by Kim Eubank (Metal Mirror

Art Deco Firescale Mirror: Kim Eubank and Will Armstrong: Metal Mirror - Artful Home

99 curtidas, 1 comentários - Marcela Chaves (@mchmosaico) no Instagram: “#mosaicartist #color #colore #tiles #handcut #mix #deco #design #mchmosaico”

99 curtidas, 1 comentários - Marcela Chaves (@mchmosaico) no Instagram: “#mosaicartist #color #colore #tiles #handcut #mix #deco #design #mchmosaico”

12 Tricks To Make Your Room The Most Gorgeous Place On Earth

theYarnKitchen - Felt succulent planter / Kitty cat vase / Natural colors / Kawaii gift / cat lover gift /set of three - Choose your color!