How to Build a DIY Pergola

Build a Pergola in Your Backyard with One of These 15 Free Plans: Free Standing Pergola Plan by Ron Hazelton

Cumplió cien años el señorial edificio del Centro Naval  BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA

Senorial and centennial Building of the Naval Center, Buenos Aires Argentina

Almacén de Flores | Tigre, Argentina

Resistencia, Argentina- loved walking around to all the little shops & eating at little places on the street.

Palacio Barolo. Buenos Aires

Palacio Barolo is a landmark office building, located at 1370 Avenida de Mayo, in the neighborhood of Monserrat, Buenos Aires, Argentina. When it was built it was the tallest building in the city a…

San Telmo Café

San Telmo Café - right across the street from my first BA house.

Argentina, Buenos Aires: Teatro Opera Avenida Corrientes

Travelling to the Paris of South America (Avenida Corrientes)---sounds like a destination.

Barrio de Recoleta. Buenos Aires, Argentina

such a pretty sight en the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires from: Farol y flores by

Cupula del edificio de Av. Rivadavia y Ayacucho (influencia gaudiana), y su famosa frase "Non hi ha somnis impossibles". Buenos Aires, Argentina. "There are no Impossible Dreams"

Dome building Rivadavia and Ayacucho (Gaudí influence), and his famous phrase “Non hi has somnis impossibles.” -"These dreams are not impossible.