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a pink planter with rocks in it sitting on a table
Ideas Originales Para Macetas Suculentas Con Latas
Ideas originales para macetas suculentas con latas
three succulents are hanging on a wooden wall next to a potted plant
Jardín vertical con latas de atún | Jardín vertical con latas de atún | By Galletasafortunadas | Let's turn this chopping board into a small vertical garden. We could leave the board as it is, but I'm going to paint it white because I want to decorate it with decopage. I am using white chalk paint. We're going to apply this painting with a little sponge. If necessary you can give it a second coat. Let's turn some cans of tuna into tiny little pots. That's why we're going to remove the thread from them. I have this can opener that takes the edge off and leaves it straight. We're going to make some holes at the base to drain the water. And two holes on the side to be able to screw them to the board. Let's do a baking soda chalk paint mix. This way we'll give it texture. We are going to paint the outside of the can and we are also going to paint the inside trim to make it nicer. For more coverage we are going to do a second coat this time just chalk paint. Going to decorate the wooden board with this napkin. It's a napkin for decoupage. We took off the two white layers and kept the layer where the drawing is. Since it has fibers it's best to wet it so you can cut it. For this we will use a wet brush that will serve as a guide. By cutting it by hand we will create a fluff on the edge and it will be fine-tuned which will help the napkin to integrate better with the paint. Without noticing the edges. We can stick the napkin with glue for decopage or polyurethane varnish. Going for a matte finish polyurethane varnish on this one. Since the napkin is so fine we can apply varnish on top. While we're gluing it we're protecting it. We're going from downtown to out. We just got all the napkins put together. Let's take advantage of varnishing with the same varnish and protect the entire piece of wood. For the cans I chose this other napkin with these peony tassels to contrast the pink and green. Once we cut out the pattern, placed it in the can and with a wet brush we just adjusted the measure. With the same varnish we used before, polyurethane matte varnish, we will glue the napkin and over, we will varnish the can to protect it. This varnish is for both interior and exterior. Once it's all dry and varnished, we'll do the assembly. I'm adding some screws from the can to bolt it to the wood. And you can see the four screwed cans. As you can see I zigzagged them so they have more space above the can. Plus I put two screws in it for better grip. As a detail I'm going to place some tree twigs under each can as if they were suspended from a twig. Plus I think it's going to give more stability to the can too. By having somewhere to lean on. And here you can see the end result. You can decide what to use it for. Because it can have multiple uses. Me, of course, for my little plants.
Como fazer jardim de Suculentas 😍
Aprenda a cultivar e a fazer lindos jardins de Suculentas 😍 Vaso de Suculentas, terrários de Suculentas e até jardins verticais de Suculentas.
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several potted plants are sitting on a shelf
four pictures showing how to make a planter with plastic cups and spoons, including one being used as a toothbrush holder
Jardinería: Salud para el cuerpo y el alma
Tutorial de Artesanías: Jardinería: Salud para el cuerpo y el alma
three wooden planters hanging from ropes with plants in them and some other potted plants
La jardinería es la mejor terapia durante el encierro en casa
three hanging planters with flowers in them