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a purple bench sitting in the grass next to a sign with lavenders on it
Shabby soul
wow, never thought of painting the garden bench, it sure would add color to garden... i love the lavender
a garden with lots of plants and flowers on the ground, including an arch in the middle
lovely garden arch with roses
an arbor with white flowers on it and a bench in the middle surrounded by greenery
~Lovely arbor with white climbing roses. A wonderful place to relax by Sydney Baumgartner Landscape Design
a picnic table made out of logs under a tree
some new garden ideas...
willow bench around a tree.
an outdoor dining table surrounded by greenery
Deborah Needleman's Garden, Slide Show - Gallery - Garden Design
an outdoor living area with couches and plants on the roof deck, surrounded by greenery
...And the livin' is easy
Lovely outdoor space
a wooden walkway surrounded by plants and flowers
Living willow tunnel... stock photo by Thomas Alamy, Image: 0269194
Living Willow Tunnel
there is a bed in the middle of some trees
Crush Cul de Sac
afternoon naps
an outdoor dining area with purple flowers on the tree
a garden filled with lots of pink flowers
Pretty garden
a small patio with a table and chairs in the background, surrounded by greenery
Untitled: Photo
Home and Garden | Via ♕LadyLuxury♕