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Tree of Life - Willow Arlenea

Cosmic Ordering Secrets - Cosmic Ordering Secrets - Cosmic Ordering Newsletter - Revive and energise yourself 3 Steps To Living A Life Full Of Abundance 3 Steps To Living A Life Full Of Abundance

Tantric Marriage  This image is sooo powerful, it Awakens something inside of me. Perfect balance…

What another beautiful image of me joining in marriage with Shiva. We are the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Shiva and Parvati. Lift and Dark. Control and Impulse. We balance each other in unity.

Espaço Holístico COISAS D'ALMA Fernanda Tomaz: Bons Votos

You are all sacred energies and everyone is as sacred as the next. Kuan Yin* Arielle Gabriel's memoir The Goddess of Mercy & The Dept. of Miracles, a unique tale of a mystic suffering financial devastation among the world's richest ex-pats *

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