A brief example of some hand embroidery stitches - not much for pin but some good links

Almohadón bordado a mano con hojas de coloresMedidas: 40x40 cm

looks like a lollipop tree

Hermoso y Colorido !

I think I could make this myself for less Cortina crochet Mil pompones…

Длинные и Короткие стежки//  Punto Matiz / bordado / Maria l.Bertolino /

ришелье бразильская вышивка

How to create a beautiful shaded/ombre effect. Long and Short Stitched

punts brodar

Hungarian braided chain stitch (aka braided chain stitch) - great for thicker outlines

Dibuja la cara de Frida y pinta el dibujo completo con muchos colores.

Frida Kahlo: self portrait


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bordado mexicano paso a paso - Buscar con Google

Some of the stitches used in Crewel or freehand embroidery.

Kit Bordado Mexicano. Animate a bordar tu almohadón. Llevate tu valijita con…

kit bordado mexicano animate a

Almohadones bordados a mano!!!

Almohadones bordados a mano!!!

Длинные и Короткие стежки | ришелье бразильская вышивка | Постила

ришелье бразильская вышивка

Long and short stitches



TUTORIAL Bordado Mexicano - On line - en internet

TUTORIAL Bordado Mexicano - On line

TUTORIAL Bordado Mexicano - On line - en internet

kolam - Google Search

Put 9 dots then interlaced dots, stop at 5 dots as shown below. Draw 3 petal flower with leaf as shown. Draw same 3 petal flower with leaf around .

Arbol de corazones bordado

This would make a great Family Tree wall-hanging…

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