Kevin Gortari
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roxy, Snow Street - Braga Cuello ROXY ENJOY & CARE®, HAWAIIAN TROPIK_PARADISE PINK (mlr6)

Snow Street - Biotherm® Neck warmer The nuts and bolts ROXY X Biotherm® Enjoy & Care lined Printed design One size Composition Cotton,

roxy, Torah Bright Biotherm® Neck Collar, MID HEATHER GREY (sla0)

The Roxy Torah Bright Collar is part of the Enjoy and Care range, combining the functionality of sportswear with the luxury of skincare. Together, Roxy and Biot


Rise above dead skater. Artist: unknown, but very Thrasher Magazine in style SkullyBloodrider.

hardcore until death

Hardcore Until Death I love the whole subculture around heavy music. concerts, band tees, moshing, monsters, recklessness and heart.