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Gallbladder carcinoma. A: Baseline ultrasound shows an isoechoic mass (arrow) in the gallbladder cavity; B: The lesion (arrow) shows hypervascularity on color Doppler flow imaging; C: The lesion (arrow) shows homogeneous hyper-enhancement 19 s after contrast agent injection on CEUS; D: The lesion (arrow) becomes hypo-enhanced 34 s after contrast agent injection.

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound in the biliary system: Potential uses and indications

Thickened bile duct wall

Cholangitis Sonographic Findings: Biliary dilation, thickening of bile duct walls, pneumobilia, GB hydrops, brightly echogenic portal triad.

dilated biliary tree @ portal bifurcation

This is a really simple way to teach medical students or junior doctors about diagnosing jaundice. Obviously they should take a history and examine the patient but when we are talking about diagnos…

Acute cholecystitis | Radiology Reference Article | Radiopaedia.org

Acute cholecystitis refers to the acute inflammation of the gallbladder. It is the primary complication of cholelithiasis and the most common cause of acute pain in the right upper quadrant (RUQ). Clinical presentation Constant right upper quad.


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Dos nódulos tiroideos hipoecogénicos de bordes irregulares. Presencia de macro y microcalcificaciones en nódulo del lóbulo tiroideo izquierdo. Las microcalcificaciones no generan sombra acústica. La presencia de microcalcificaciones sobre nódulos tiroideos hipoecogénicos refuerzan el riesgo de malignidad.

Two large, hypoechoic nodules associated with poorly defined borders, the left-sided nodules showing macro- and microcalcifications.

WK 5 RETROPERITONEUM Abdomen and retroperitoneum | 1.7 Peritoneum mesentery and omentum : Case 1.7.2 Mesenteric lymph nodes | Ultrasound Cases

Non Hodgkin´s disease with enlarged mesenteric and retroperitoneal lymphe nodes, thickened antral wall of the stomach and splenomegaly with peripheral splenic infarcts Enlarged retroperitoneal lymphe node ID:

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Pyloric Stenosis

Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis - classically presents as non-bilious projectile vomiting during the second month of life. Ultrasound is excellent for first line assessment with the pylorus considered.

#Abdomen #CT shows a very inflamed #appendix (arrow) with a #stone (arrowhead: #appendicolith) obstructing it. #Appendicitis #pain #radiologist #radiology

shows a very inflamed (arrow) with a (arrowhead: obstructing it.