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a man with glasses singing into a microphone
Charly García
a man with his hands on his face and eyes covered in blue light, posing for the camera
a man with white paint on his face and arms sitting down next to a guitar
a man with a hat and sunglasses holding a guitar in front of his face while sitting on a stool
a man with glasses and a mustache in front of a floral background
a man sitting at a keyboard with sunglasses on
Charly en concierto
a man with his eyes covered by a red headband
plateado sobre plateado
a man sitting next to a wooden drum
a man with long hair and a moustache on his face
a man with long hair and beard sitting on the floor reading a book while wearing glasses
Esta foto salio hace muchos a~os en una rolling stone. la tenia pegada en la pared con cinta adhesiva y despues quedo pa siempre metida en alguna pagina de una agenda del 2001, mi aeromuso preferido: Charly Garcia