vintage ads creation © bruno pozzo 2015:

Le Fromage Cocina displaying some French cheeses. This image is part of a collection of French gastronomy examples.

vintage ads © bruno pozzo 2016

Advertising by Bruno Pozzo. - Human rights start with a leisurely breakfast.

uniqueshomedesign: “ Home in France ✿⊱╮ charisma design ”


nothing says Summer to me like ice cream. Okay, nothing says Fall, Winter and Spring to me like ice cream too, but you're probably sane and it's a Summer thing for you. - By Bruno Pozzo.

Comercial antigo do creme Nivea. Como não amar o biquíni retrô?

Beleza vintage: os produtinhos de beauté da vovó

postal miel cocina Le Miel (Bruno Pozzo):

Display of French honey from the Provence region of southern France. I brought some lemon-flavored honey (miel) home with me--so good!


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