Cómo añadir espejuelos bordados sobre una tela mediante costura.

Embroidery tutorial : "Add mirrors to embroidery or knitted/crocheted garments with stunning Shisha stitches. Full photo and text tutorial at Craftsy." Enjoy from KnittingGuru.

#Bordados #Almohadones

It has, :: ts made of linen, sewing rope :: Zipper Approx. Dimensions: Width(wide) / 35 cm / 35 cm Notice: Because of the


Low footstool upholstered in richly embroidered elephant motif. Fixed around edges with brass studs and finished with polished wooden legs.

Florecita sencilla

Stitch Play: Chain Stitch Spider Daisy

Chain Stitch Spider Daisy for two reasons: It’s a daisy created with the detached chain stitch & the ribbed spider web stitch.