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how to make a bow out of fabric
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a white basket with purple flowers painted on it
Cómo hacer una canasta normal a partir de un bote común - Hágalo usted mismo, ideas para la creatividad - DIY Ideas
three purple polka dot paper roll holders sitting on top of a table
a pink holder with three pens and two pencils
Recicla latas y crea hermosos organizadores
Reutiliza todo tipo de latas o cajas circulares de cartón para crear hermosos organizadores. Piénsalo dos veces antes de tirar a la basura...
a pink jar with hearts on it and a tag hanging from the lid that says love
Valentine's Day Votive - TGIF - This Grandma is Fun
Valentine's Day Votive. This Valentines Day Votive radiates warmth and love. So easy to make from a mason jar.
two mason jars with pink and red candy in them on a white plate next to hearts
Frascos decorados para obsequiar en San Valentín
Frascos decorados para obsequiar en San Valentín - Dale Detalles
there are many pictures of different items in the photo and one has a pink umbrella on it
Ideas & Products: Plastic Bottle Candy Stand
a pink cupcake stand on top of a table with cups in front of it
Candy Stand Using Repurposed Plastic Bottles
Candy Stand Using Repurposed Plastic Bottles: I have no idea where the inspiration for this candy stand came from... I have a pile of cut plastic bottles that I regularly play with to think up ideas to use them, and this one just popped into my head. I think it would be perfect for a party ta...