Enzo Francescoli. Un clasico nueve mentiroso, que se tiraba atras para crear la jugada, sus movimientos eran muy esteticos, un jugador que daba placer ver

Su Majestad Enzo Francescoli Club Atlético River Plate The best player

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Mexican Pop Singer Thalia ‘Removed her Ribs to look Smart’ and pickling in a jar

Luis Miguel the-beautiful-ones and my favorite singer in the world.

Luis Miguel = Delicious to look at and listen to… *sigh*

1999 Rosalinda, Thalia

Thalia shares the greatest beauty advice she picked up on the set of telenovelas. Style On Picture beauty

Enzo Francescoli y copa Libertadores de America

Enzo Francescoli (Historia de un Idolo)

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