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Texas Longhorn Wine Cork Cow is ready to have fun with all you cow lovers! He's fancy enough to be a wedding favor/table decoration, yet casual enough to sit on the porch of a ranch and sip an ice cold drink with you. Looking out from the top shelf of a tiered tray in your kitchen is one of his favorite things to do! All of my handmade cork figurines are for lovers of wine, animals, or just plain cuteness. These unique pieces of art are made in Northern California from corks, nails, wire, beads,

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40 Ridiculously Artistic Fabric Wall Art Ideas - Bored Art

Clay Birds

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handmade clay ornaments by Ursa Polak on Flickr ... black and white cat with hearts ... mod look ...

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230 Pine Cone Wreath Ideas | Pine Cone Crafts, Cones Crafts, Pine Cone Art F80

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How about making handmade mushrooms for your friend who loves plants? Or perhaps for yourself? :) This easy craft needs air drying clay, acrylic paints, varnish, and some dry sticks. Its a lovely Christmas gift for someone you love! We have a detailed tutorial at the link below:
"Hand painted on a river rock are ants done in a continuous pattern. Measures 4 1/4\" x 3 1/2\" x 1\". Sealed with gloss varnish to help preserve the art."
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an owl is perched on top of a piece of driftwood that has been carved into the shape of a tree trunk
Amazing Illustrated Wood Carving by Earl Martz. for a close up (astounding) pic of this click the link!
several dragonflys sitting on top of a table next to a basket filled with leaves
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an owl painted on top of a rock in the palm of someone's hand
two painted owls sitting on top of a piece of wood
a hand is holding an owl made out of clay and painted with acrylic paint
a painted rock with an owl's face on it sitting on top of a table
three painted owls sitting on top of some rocks
four different pictures of rocks and birds in a tree stump with moss growing on them
50 Photos From People Who Showed Off Their Incredible Easter Egg Decorating Skills Online
a blue dragonfly sitting on top of a wooden table next to a piece of wood
10 Creative Fairy Crafts for Kids