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the boston red sox are playing their home game at fenley park
the boston red sox are celebrating their 20th anniversary in this twitter photo from 2009, and it's time to win the world series
three men are posing for a photo with a plate of food in front of them
a man in a baseball uniform is posing for a photo with the caption big mike aka - mike lowell
two baseball players giving the peace sign while standing next to each other on a field
three men sitting on chairs in front of a large screen with snowflakes behind them
the baseball player is swinging his bat in front of an image of stadium lights and fans
a group of baseball players standing next to each other
a man is standing in the middle of a street surrounded by confetti and people
a baseball player holding up a trophy with the caption thank you, person 19
the boston red sox baseball team is celebrating their win over the san francisco giants on twitter