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an old metal plate with a can of life hack on it and the words unexpected life hack
Accidental LIFE HACK :: How to Clean Silver with this Unexpected Household Item
a gold plate with the words remove tarnish from brass & copper on it and an image
How to Clean Brass and Copper with One Simple Ingredient!
two copper canisters sitting next to each other on a kitchen counter with the words clean copper in 5 minutes no scrubbing
How to Clean Copper Naturally and Remove Tarnish
Clean copper decor or pots without scrubbing. I have 6 different methods from all natural to harsh cleaners. Learn which one works and the secrets to keep metal from tarnishing in the future.
a large stainless steel refrigerator in a kitchen
How to clean Stainless Steel…for real!
How to really clean stainless steel. I just tried this and it works! My SS trash can was looking pretty bad to the point that I was thinking of trashing it. I sprayed Pledge on it, let it sit for about 5 minutes and then wiped it clean with a paper towel and wow is it clean! All the streaks, spots and whatever else was there is gone, looks brand new!
three pots and pans sitting on top of a counter next to an oven with the words how to get your copper bottoms shining like new
The Easiest Way to Get Your Copper Bottom Pots Shining Like New
How to get copper pots bottoms shining like new! DIY Cleaning Tip Hack that is green and natural and inexpensive!
two pictures showing how to use an oven with baking pans on the stove top
Why Didn't I Think Of That Life Hacks You Will Use - The Cottage Market
the instructions for how to clean mattresses and make them look like they are dirty
The MIRACLE Mattress Stain Remover
DIY Stain Remover for Mattress or any other piece of Furniture...Works to perfection! #AustinMomsBlog
the instructions for how to clean a stainless steel sink
How to Clean Carpet for Floors That Look Like New
Easy way to clean stainless steel sink. ***Sparkle***