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Day6 (데이식스) | Park Jaehyung | Jae

“🌟 park jaehyung- - amazing vocals - i love his hair - SO TALENTED - awkward but adorable”

Linda voz, puro talento

Jae reminds me of henry, ken (vixx), hyunsik (btob) and takuya from cross Gene how can someone alltogether looks like four celebrity's

Jae, Day6. I really love this boy!! He's so funny XD

Jae, I really love this boy! He's so funny XD <<< I love him, he came out of nowhere and WRECKED my freaking bias list

Day6 (데이식스) | Jae | Park Jaehyung

Happy birthday to Jae Birthday: September 1992 American age: 24 International age: 25