The God who created the universe

The immortal, immaterial God who communicates with His creation!
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an image of a building with the words who is the one true god?
Who is the one true God?
How to spread the good news about Jesus to those ignorant of the message of the Bible
people holding signs with the words prophecies about jesus his family line
Prophecies about Jesus: His family line
How the family line of Jesus was predicted at least 1,000 years before His birth
the creator who entered his creation
The Creator who entered His creation
The ultimate example of communication - when a creator entered their own creation
an image of jesus with crown of thorns on his head and hands in front of him
Crown of thorns
The laurel wreath was an ancient symbol of victory and success. How was Jesus dishonored? What did His humiliation and death achieve?
the back yard camping tent is set up in the grass
Backyard camping
Backyard camping occurred during the COVID-19 lockdown. What can we learn from an ancient camping trip?
an orange book cover with the words record harvest in front of a tractor and farm equipment
Record harvests
Record harvests promote thanksgiving. And there are more harvests than you realize.
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a building with the words dramatic
Dramatic rescues
There have been many dramatic rescues. But what was the greatest rescue from disaster?
a portrait of a woman with the words why did jesus call himself the son of man?
Why did Jesus call Himself the "Son Of Man"?
How is Jesus like Mary Evans? Why did Jesus call Himself the “Son of Man”? Was it a pen name, a stage name, a patronym, or a job description?
a man in a suit and tie sitting on a chair next to a book cover
Remembering Bob
Stories and memories about an ex-Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, & Jesus. Both written 30-50 years after they happened.