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an old map with the words history on it
Good times and bad times at Shechem
Some lessons from the good times and bad times at Shechem
a woman sitting on top of a chair wearing a black jacket and smiling at the camera
Jesus put Nazareth on the map
How to experience a change of reputation and status
a binder with the words benefits on it next to a calculator and pen
The benefits of Christianity
Christianity has brought many benefits to our world
a book cover with an image of soldiers on the beach
Tyre reminds us that God keeps His promises
Did you know that ancient sieges were predicted in the Bible? They show that God keeps His promises.
john lenox against the tide against the tide by john lenox and ken sorbo
John Lennox against the tide
Can Christian faith survive in an age of science and reason when most academics are atheists or skeptics?
an ancient egyptian man with a beard and long hair
Extrabiblical evidence of 83 people in the Bible
Ancient history and archaeology have confirmed the existence of 83 people mentioned in the Bible. This is consistent with the Bible being historically accurate.
the jewish calendar with different symbols on it
What is the meaning of the seven Jewish festivals?
What is the meaning of the seven Jewish festivals? When will they be understood by most Jews?
what was the purpose of the jewish pilgrimage festivals?
What was the purpose of the Jewish pilgrimage festivals?
What was the purpose of the Jewish pilgrimage festivals? Do you have a similar story to celebrate?
an old building with palm trees and people walking around it in the middle of town
Outsiders became insiders at Damascus
Can an outsider become an insider? Good news and bad news from Damascus in Syria
the cover of many battles at megaldo, with an aerial view of a city
Many battles at Megiddo
Which place on earth has experienced the most battles? Be careful before getting involved in a dispute!
a diagram showing the different layers of an earth's atmosphere and how they are made
Converting ancient secular dates to biblical dates
How to convert ancient secular dates to biblical dates. How to convert hypothesis to history.
the telephone game is shown with an orange background
The telephone game
Did you know that researchers believe an oral story that they believe is about 37,000 years old, but they are unwilling to believe a written story that is about 3,460 years old?