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Salt dough handprint santas
Difficulty: Medium Salt dough Recipe • 1 cup Plain Flour • 1 cup Salt • 1 cup water • 4 table spoons lemon juice • -Mix together • -Heat gently in a pan with a little oil until it forms a dough • -Roll out, inprint hands in to the dough and cut around the edge • -Bake in the oven around 100degrees for about 6 hours or until they have totally hardened • Paint on Santa
five handmade christmas ornaments hanging on a wooden floor
a heart shaped ornament with buttons and pine needles in the shape of a heart
Button ornament
Image only... the link was a dud. I think these are hot glued, but they could be strung on wire and shaped.
a wooden christmas tree is standing in front of a white building with snow on the ground
Wooden Christmas tree
Cinnamon Dough Gift Tags - Wrapping Ideas - Christmas Wrapping Embellishments - DIY Gift Tags
some christmas ornaments are laying out on the table with text overlay that reads diy gingerbread faux cookie ornaments
DIY Faux Gingerbread Cookie Ornaments
a small christmas tree sitting on top of a white bench
a wreath made out of gingerbreads on a white wall with red gingham ribbon
Gingerbread Wreath DIY - Kippi at Home
a wooden door decorated with gingerbread snowflakes
DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath - homemade holiday decor idea
a mantle with candles and ornaments on it
The Most Creative Gingerbread Decor Ideas!
two blue and white ornaments sitting on top of a table
DIY Alcohol Ink Christmas Baubles | Sue Findlay Designs [Video] | Christmas crafts, Alcohol ink jewelry, Christmas diy
a mantel with lit up gingerbread houses and trees on it, surrounded by greenery
Gingerbread Town Candle Holders Christmas Mantel Tutorial with Free Printable Templates
two colorful ornaments with the words how to make an abstract ornament on them
How To Make Christmas Ornaments, Abstract art themed
gingerbread cookies decorated with icing on a white counter top next to christmas decorations
Gingerbread Salt Dough Ornaments
three wooden christmas trees sitting on top of a white shelf next to a green bucket
a gingerbread house with red berries and green leaves on the roof sits on a wooden table
Dollar Tree Gingerbread Doll House -
DIY cake stand snowy village
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a white dresser with christmas trees on it
wedding decorations of my dream | reception decorations |wedding flowers
a wreath with small trees on top of it
25 DIY Simple Christmas Wreaths » Lady Decluttered
The best-selfmade-Ibiza style gift wrapping ideas inspiration white natural
two cement planters with plants in them and a lantern on the ground next to it
Winter Home Entrance Decor - Discovered what you like? - Go for the collection today, Click for more fantastic designs. Design, Style, Dekorasi Rumah, Happy Home Decor / Winter Home Entrance Decor
These stunning Nordic inspired yarn woven trees will evoke a feeling of cozy in your home this Christmas seasonEither on your hearth or mantleor as the centerpiece of your tablescapethese trees bring simple elegance to any decorAs these trees are made-to-orderyour trees may vary slightly from the trees picturedThe small tree stands approximately 14 inches tallThe medium tree stands approximately 17 inches tallThe tall tree stands approximately 21 inches tall***THE TALL TREES ARE FOR LOCAL DELIV Ornament, Christmas Tree Yarn, Handmade Christmas, Christmas Tree Crafts
Yarn and Wooden Bead Christmas Tree
two wooden christmas trees sitting next to each other
a dalmatian sitting in a chair with snowflakes on the wall behind it
DIY Large Wooden Snowflakes
a wooden christmas tree with pine cones and greenery in the shape of a triangle
DIY Wood Christmas Tree Plans with 2x4s
three small christmas trees sitting on top of a table next to a book and candle
75 Blue Home Decor Ideas for Winter, Christmas & Holidays
a snowflake made out of wooden sticks with instructions on how to make it
DIY Winter Wood and Yarn Snowflake Wreath
Wood Snowflakes! Low cost. High profit with low cost fence Picket build.