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a large group of people are throwing confetti in the air at an outdoor event
Roadkill Grilling and Cow Chip Throwing (Yeah, there’s a festival for that)
From the historic to the hysterical, local festivals are on the rise, prompting host municipalities to take a closer look at legislation that protects their community, residents and patrons.
many bottles of alcohol lined up on a bar
Chicago-area town bans bars, restaurants from selling liquor after midnight
The new ordinance impacts more than 100 bars, restaurants and carry-out establishments.
a crowd of people walking down a street next to tall buildings and tents on the side walk
Festivals and Events Legislation - General Code
Festivals and events are back. Does existing legislation cover the health and safety concerns in the not-quite-post-COVID world?
two people walking on the beach near the ocean
Jersey Shore town bans digging large holes, burying people in sand
The 'fun' beach activity can be very dangerous, and even deadly, officials said.
an electric car is parked in front of two charging stations
Edison Proposes Ordinance to Define Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations
the park is full of trees and benches
South Brunswick Ordinance Would Allow Property Owners to Remove Three Trees Per Year Without Replacements
a man in a suit and tie is talking on the set of tv show's
Dearborn adopts strict fugitive dust ordinance
Dearborn adopts strict fugitive dust ordinance
an empty parking lot in front of a building
‘The Tammy ordinance’
TOLEDO – As the early Monday morning dew still lay upon the grass, many local citizens gathered at the Supervisor’s meeting room to have their say at the second public hearing for the new public comment ordinance. Multiple citizens stood at the front of the room calling the new ordinance censorship, and a violation of […]
the beach is littered with plastic bottles and trash
Coronado Will Consider a Plastic Reduction Ordinance - Coronado Times
The Coronado City Council will consider adopting a single-use plastic reduction ordinance later this year. “Coronado can clearly do better,” said Council Member John Duncan, who submitted a Policy No. 2 request to bring the matter before the council for discussion. “We really have no restrictions in place. We are surrounded by water, and there’s […]
a woman standing in front of a house with a black jacket and head scarf on
Anxiety over squatters, fueled by TikTok, inspires a wave of legislation • Stateline
Opponents of the bills call the trend a ‘manufactured crisis’ that could affect legitimate tenant protections.
a group of people sitting in chairs with signs on their backs and one person standing up
Bill sponsored by Seattle City Council president would take away key components of PayUp Ordinance
Passed in 2022 to address delivery driver concerns over wages and other benefits, the January 2024 implementation led to companies adding a regulatory fee to orders.
an open box filled with lots of cigars
Minneapolis City Council passes tobacco ordinance that sets $15 minimum price for cigarettes
Smoking in Minneapolis is set to get more expensive thanks to a new ordinance passed by the City Council.
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MMA, MMLA weigh in on CCC’s equity bylaw/ordinance - Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA)
Police and gun safety advocates say the problem with these guns is they're hard to trace because they have no serial numbers, but they're easy to access because the parts are sold online. York, Safety, Brain Busters, Parts, Selling Online, Things To Sell, Ghost
Ghost gun ordinance presented to city council committee
Police and gun safety advocates say the problem with these guns is they're hard to trace because they have no serial numbers, but they're easy to access because the parts are sold online.
a brown house with two garages in front of it
Bill in Legislature targets squatting
Sheriffs could immediately remove squatters from homes