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Science and Fantasy Fiction | Films and TV Series

Science fantasy is a mixed genre within the umbrella of speculative fiction which simultaneously draws upon and/or combines tropes and elements from both…
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Last Three Days
Last Three Days
LAST THREE DAYS Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi Action Movie

Action, Crime, Mystery

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HIS DARK MATERIALS Season 2 Official Trailer (HD) Dafne Keen
HIS DARK MATERIALS Season 2 Official Trailer (HD) Ruth Wilson
His Dark Materials Series Two: Trailer | BBC Trailer

Adventure, Drama, Family

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The Big Frakkin’ Battlestar Galactica Reunion Pt. 2 | SYFY WIRE REWIND
The Big Frakkin’ Battlestar Galactica Reunion Pt. 1 | SYFY WIRE REWIND

Battlestar Galactica

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The Best Movie You Never Saw: eXistenZ
Frailty - The Best Movie You Never Saw
Darkman - The Best Movie You Never Saw

Best Movie You Never Saw | JoBlo Videos Channel

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Trailer For THE PHENOMENON Which is a Documentary about UFO Cover-Ups — GeekTyrant
Check Out JAMES CAMERON'S STORY OF SCIENCE FICTION on DVD and Blu-ray Today — GeekTyrant


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Other Space Episode 2: "Getting To Know You" | Sci-Fi Comedy Series | DUST
Other Space (2015)
Other Space Episode 1: "Into the Great Beyond...Beyond" | Sci-Fi Comedy ...

Dust Channel | Other Space

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Dust Channel | Sci-Fi Shorts

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1963's 'The Outer Limits' Was Canceled Too Soon

Facts Verse Channel

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GHOSTWRITER Season 2 Official Trailer (HD) Isaac Arellanes
Ghostwriter (2019-)
Trailer for the Strange and Dark-Looking Film Titled UNDERGODS — GeekTyrant


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JIU JITSU Trailer (2020) Nicolas Cage Sci-Fi Action Movie HD
Jiu Jitsu (2020)

Fantasy, Action

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James Cameron's Avatar 2 is 100% complete, Avatar 3 at 95%
Humans continue fighting on Pandora in new Avatar 2 set photos

Fantasy, Action, Adventure

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10 Best Sci-Fi Movies (Not Set In Space)

What Culture Channel

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Exclusive Trailer! Zombies and masked wrestlers collide in Voodoo Apocalypse
Voodoo Apocalypse (2018)
Voodoo Apocalypse (2018)

Fantasy, Action, Comedy

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WYNONNA EARP Exclusive Mid-Season 4 Finale Clip (2020) SYFY & IDW
Wynonna Earp (2016-)
WYNONNA EARP Season 4 Official Trailer (HD) Melanie Scrofano

Fantasy, Action, Drama

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Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies No One Really Gets
Top 10 Most Destructive Godzilla Rampages
Top 10 Power-Ups in Project Power

Watch Mojo UK and USA Channel

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LAKE MICHIGAN MONSTER Trailer (2020) Fantasy Adventure Movie
Lake Michigan Monster (2018)

Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy

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COME AWAY Trailer (2020) Angelina Jolie, Fairy Tale Fantasy Movie
Come Away (2020)
Huge Questions We Have About Cursed Season 1

Fantasy, Adventure, Drama

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Dorothy Heads Off To See The Wizard | The Wizard Of Oz | HBO Max
THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA Franchise Trailers (2005 - 2010)
PERCY JACKSON Author Expresses His Hatred For The Film Franchise and Says The Disney+ Series Will Fix Everything — GeekTyrant

Fantasy, Adventure, Family

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Have a Laugh at a Funny Blooper Reel From THE GOOD PLACE Season 4 — GeekTyrant
ROOM 104 Season 4 Official Trailer (HD)
Room 104 (2017)

Fantasy, Comedy, Drama

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This is How Mister Ed the Talking Horse Died
The Truth About David White (Larry Tate from Bewitched)

Fantasy, Comedy, Family

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Palm Springs (2020)

Fantasy, Comedy, Mystery

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Exclusive Clip: Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels - “The Devil Is In The De...
Exclusive Clip: Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels - “The Devil Is In The De...
Showtime has cancelled Penny Dreadful: City of Angels after one season

Fantasy, Crime, Drama

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THE WATCH Official Trailer (HD) Richard Dormer
PINOCCHIO Trailer (2020) Fantasy Movie HD
Pinocchio (2019)

Fantasy, Drama

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AMERICAN GODS Season 3 Official Teaser Trailer (HD) IAN MCSHANE
The Gift S2 | Official Trailer | Netflix
The Gift S2 | Date Announcement | Netflix

Fantasy, Drama, Mystery

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A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES Season 2 Official Trailer (HD) Teresa Palmer
ENDLESS Trailer (2020) Alexandra Shipp Romantic Drama
Endless (2020)

Fantasy, Drama, Romance

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