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Create designs w/ rope or fabric scraps and secure with thread. How clever w/ uniquely beautiful results! (Apparently, this is called couching, and is shown using t-shirt scraps on monk cloth.

Great stitch

&Stitches: June Sampler-along: Sheaf Filling Stitch

elcuadernodeideas: Bolso de lino bordado

Love the boho chic embroidery purse.


I'd like to copy the floral burst on the curtains onto a pillow and finish it in crewel.


Embroidery 101: How to Embroider

The running stich gives buttonwhole embroidery a rich look .

Elefante hindu bordado

'Colouring-in' with embroidery thread. Pick a design from an adult colouring book!

kit bordado mexicano bags

Kit Bordado Mexicano Bags

kit bordado mexicano bags >> my new produce bag!

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PAISLEY - add a little bit of colour to your clothes.

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Trabajo:Sol Alvarez Roldán http://www.arespaciodearte.com.ar/ https://www.facebook.com/Sol-Alvarez-Rold%C3%A1n-201401763295284/

Embroidery with yarn/mix

Bolsa Boho bolso de lino patrón de kilim marroquí por VLiving

Boho pouch linen bag kilim pattern moroccan foldover by VLiving Supernatural Style

Embroidery by Katy Biele

Katy Biele Embroideries Inspired by Her Illustrations

Neon Embroidery by Katy Biele

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Love embroidery - so pretty!

My first needlepoint. It was a kit!!

--luv the colors--lots of owl personality----

Elefante bordado

Elefante bordado

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